Introducing The Window Journal Challenge
This 7-Day Challenge walks through 4 transformational areas of 
journalling. inspiring balance you'll take everywhere, everyday.  
It includes links to purchase a copy of the brand new, hold in your hand, scribble all over, physical journal, the Window Journal.
DAY ONE: After full introductions to your Window Journal, overwhelm will be replaced with excited anticipation. At the end of Day One you can confidently commit to write it down.

DAY TWO:  Create a "War Room" in your handbag, desk, car, bedside & your kitchen.  You'll have spiritual strategy and faith fuelling tools to consistently bring all areas of your life to God in prayer.

DAY THREE: Be inspired by hundreds of 'love deposits' to build up your precious, children, husband, grandchildren, family, friends & workmates.

DAY FOUR: In all your Pursuits find true fulfilment. Career goals, financial plans, study ambitions, household planning. Become a 'miracle magnet'.

DAY FIVE:  Be the Boss of Your Wellbeing. You know the all important life changing areas to focus on. The only person you are in competition with is yourself!

DAY SIX:  Begin to discover your God given purposes. Learn how to identify worthy long term goals.
Plan and pray and wait. 

DAY SEVEN:  Hear some amazing stories! Then stay connected to support and encouragement. Plus there are some awesome prizes.

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About Katrina Maes
Hello! Can I tell you about myself? I am proud mother of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister and friend to some beautiful besties. Not long ago we sold business and property. We bundled everything and everyone up, hopped on the ferry to get to our new home in Southern Tasmania.

I have to tell you that the entrepreneur streak still runs deep. For the first part of my career I was an accountant (not a very good one). After our first baby, we did multiple property developments. That led to starting a property staging company and we quickly became industry leader for fourteen years (this turned out to be my super power). As an added blessing I had the opportunity to publish two books about property styling.

After two health scares and baby number two, there is no doubt the only thing that consistently got me through the past two decades was and is PRAYER! 

So now, despite my loud protesting, I hear God’s still voice, guiding and encouraging me to use my entrepreneurial streak to bring together a community of Women to Pray like we’ve never prayed before. 

Pray, so each and every endeavour becomes a divine appointment. 
Pray so our bodies glorify God. 
Pray like our relationships with God, Family and Communities depend on the wisdom and peace. 
Be determined to live not without prayer.

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